Terms & Conditions

      1.Participation in auction events is limited to registered Dealers exclusively.
      2.A maximum of two representatives per registered member are permitted to participate. The TSG Auction Mart retains the right to restrict or deny the entry of visitors.
      3.Visitors must comply with the TSG Auction Mart's regulations and surrender all arms and weapons at the security gate.
      4.To partake in auction events, buyers (or bidders) must submit a refundable security deposit (RSD) of ₹20,000 per car, which is interest-free.
      5.Bid cards will be provided on the event day solely to bidders who have fulfilled the Security Deposit requirement.
      6.The Auction Mart will examine all auction vehicles, highlighting only the symptoms of defects. Bidders must exercise their own judgment before placing bids. Once a car is successfully sold to a bidder, reversal or cancellation is not permitted.
      7.If any buyer cancels, the Refundable Security Deposit (RSD) will be forfeited, and the bidder (or buyer) may face blacklisting from future auction events.
      8.The bidding procedure will not be reiterated for any vehicle. Therefore, we urge all bidders to be present and attentive during the bidding for the specific vehicle of their interest.
      9.Bid cards cannot be transferred; if such an attempt is discovered, the bid will be deemed canceled, and the bidder may face blacklisting from future auction events.
      10.Adequate time will be provided for all bidders to examine cars before the auction event commences. Requests for car inspections after the auction will not be accommodated.
      11.Successful bidders (buyers) must make an advance payment of at least 25% on the day of the auction event.
      12.The return of the Refundable Security Deposit (RSD) is contingent upon surrendering bid cards and completing the refund form. Should you desire to engage in future events, you can choose to maintain the security deposit with us.
      13. All payments must be made in the name of using methods such as Demand Draft, Online transactions, or Cash. Payments made through Cheques will not be acknowledged.
      14. Confirmation of all payments will be processed only upon receipt of confirmation from the bank.
      15. Participants are urged to ensure the safety of their belongings and cash, as Auction Mart will not be held accountable for any loss or theft.
      16. The balance payment must be settled within the subsequent three working days post the auction.
      17. Cars will be eligible for delivery only upon receiving full payment and service charges, starting from the next business day onwards.
      18. The original documents (Registration Certificate and Insurance Policy) for the car will be provided solely during the delivery process.
      19. The set of vehicle transfer documents will be furnished only upon submission of end customer details and supporting documents to TSG Auction Mart.
      20. Service charges and taxes must be paid separately before the cars are delivered.
      21. A Retained Security Deposit (RSD) of ₹10,000 per car will be held and refunded only upon the submission of ownership transfer documents to Auction Mart. The remaining balance of the Security Deposit will be offset against the cost of the car(s).
      22. Please make sure to give us a minimum of four hours' notice before coming for the delivery.
      23. Vehicle delivery will take place solely at the TSG Auction Mart facility, limited to business days and operation hours (from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM).
      24. TSG Auction Mart retains the right to cancel a bid without the obligation to furnish any explanations.
      25. The vehicle is sold in its "AS IS WHERE IS" condition. TSG Auction Mart assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the odometer's kilometer reading or the overall condition of the vehicle.
      26. TSG Auction Mart holds the right to blacklist Dealers from participating in all upcoming events due to misconduct with others, which includes Auction Mart staff and vendors, and for not adhering to the aforementioned terms and conditions.
      27. Security Deposits

    a). A refundable security deposit of ₹20,000 must be submitted to TSG Auction Mart concurrently with the completed Buyer Registration Form to participate in the auction. b). The security deposit for unsuccessful bidders will be refunded on the same day upon the conclusion of the auction event. c). In the event that a participant in the car auction successfully bids for a car, they are required to make an additional refundable security deposit of ₹3,000 (Rupees three thousand) for the purpose of time-bound RC transfer. This amount will be reimbursed upon the Buyer submitting a self-attested copy of the transferred RC to the Used Car office of TSG Auction Mart within 60 days of the sale. d). If the security deposit exceeds ₹20,000, it will be refunded via an account payee cheque or online bank transfer (RTGS) within three working days after the auction concludes. e). To claim a refund or adjustment with the sale price of the car, the Buyer must present and surrender the original receipt for the security deposit. However, if the deposit is paid via online bank transfer (RTGS), the receipt may not be necessary. f). If the original deposit receipt is lost, a refund or adjustment will only be processed upon submission of a notarized affidavit. g). PLA cards, provided for the purpose of facilitating bid placement, must be returned to the Accounts department upon the conclusion of the auction. If the PLA cards are lost, misplaced, or damaged, a deduction of ₹500 (Rupees five hundred only) will be made from the security deposit. h). No interest is applicable to the security deposits submitted to TSG Auction Mart.

      28.Car inspection

    Prospective buyers are strongly recommended to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the cars before placing any bids for their own benefit.

      29. Conduct of Auction process

    a). The auctioneer's decision on the acceptance of bids is conclusive. b). TSG Auction Mat reserves the right to withdraw cars from auction if they do not reach the reserve price. c).Once the auctioneer accepts a bid from a prospective buyer, it is irrevocable and cannot be withdrawn. d).Upon successfully winning a bid at the auction, the Buyer is obligated to deposit ₹10,000 (Rupees ten thousand) per car by the end of business hours on the auction day. The security deposit of ₹20,000 will be deducted from this amount, and the Buyer must cover any remaining shortfall within the specified time on the same day. Failure to do so will lead to the cancellation of the sale and the forfeiture of the security deposit. e). Winning bidders are required to complete the remaining payment for the used car(s) acquired at the auction within four working days from the auction event day. Failure to do so will incur a parking charge of ₹2000 plus service tax per day, starting from the fifth day onward. f). If the successful bidder does not complete the balance payment within seven working days from the Auction day, TSG Auction Mart reserves the right to cancel the sale of the used car. In such a scenario, the security deposit and any other amount paid for the car will be forfeited. TSG Auction Mart will proceed to sell the car to another customer. The Buyer will not receive a separate notification regarding the auction cancellation and deposit forfeiture. g). Participants who have not fulfilled the payment for the cars they acquired will be placed on a blacklist and barred from participating in TSG car auctions for the subsequent three months. h). A sale letter without details will not be provided for cars sold at TSG auctions. The cars acquired through auction must be transferred to the Buyer's name within 60 days from the date of sale. i). Cars will be delivered to successful bidders upon the full payment and completion of necessary documents on all business days, from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


    a).Additional charges, including VAT and service tax, will be levied wherever applicable. b).In compliance with government regulations, it is hereby notified that, in addition to other fees, an extra 1% charge is applicable for all cash transactions exceeding 2 lakhs. This applies even if partial payment is made in cash and the remaining through account transactions. The buyer can claim the same amount as a refund when filing their Income Tax Return (ITR). c). In accordance with government regulations, the release of vehicles after payment will be facilitated upon the presentation of a valid PAN Card, along with proof of address and a delivery note.

      31. Warranty on car

    Vehicles are auctioned in a strictly "as-is, where-is" condition. TSG Auction Mart provides no warranty or guarantee for the cars auctioned, and there is no assurance regarding odometer rollback. Prospective buyers are strongly advised to conduct a thorough examination of the cars before placing their bids for their own benefit.

      32. Sale returns and other issues

    a). No returns will be accepted for cars sold at auctions. b). Buyers who have successfully completed the purchase must inspect the spare wheel tyre, tool kit, and other fittings during the delivery of the used car. Claims for any shortage or damage to these items will not be considered once the car has left the TSG Auction Mart premises. c).The auction will take place at venues determined by TSG. Prospective buyers are responsible for reaching the auction venue at their own expense. d). If a prospective buyer causes damage to a car or loses the ignition key during the pre-auction inspection, they are required to cover the repair charges. TSG Auction Mart reserves the right to deduct the payable amount from the security deposit provided by the customer in such instances. e). TSG retains the authority to modify or revise any conditions for conducting an auction; however, such changes will not apply retrospectively. f). The Bank No Objection Certificate (NOC) for pending cases will be issued within a timeframe of 25 to 30 days after the payment for the vehicles.

      33. Payment of service charge to TSG Auction Mart

    The buyer who successfully purchases the used car is required to pay a service charge to TSG Auction Mart. This charge amounts to 1% of the sale price, plus service tax, and is an additional fee beyond the sale value of the used car.


    Any disagreements or disputes between auction participants, buyers, and TSG will be resolved through arbitration in accordance with the provisions of the Indian Arbitration Act of 1996. The arbitration proceedings will be conducted in the English language. The courts in Delhi will have exclusive jurisdiction for adjudicating disputes.